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Longevity, Commitment, Quality and Integrity

As an expert service provider that has supported the Federal Government for more than 30 years with both background investigative services and adjudication support, we have a deep appreciation of the significance of customer requirements for assessing and limiting risk.

MSM maintains a staff of highly qualified personnel that is experienced on both a technical and policy level with exposure to both government and industry perspectives.

Background of MSM Security Services LLC

MSM Security Services, LLC (MSM) has more than 30 years of experience conducting background investigations (BIs), Adjudications and providing security management support to the Federal Government. In 1980, MSM was the first private entity to win a Government competitive contract for background investigations and has continued providing these services - Innovating and improving our expertise along the way. Our current and former customers include the following:

Department of Defense Drug Enforcement Administration
Department of Homeland Security Department of Commerce
Department of State Department of Transportation
Office of Personnel Management Department of the Interior
Defense Security Service Federal Bureau of Investigation
Internal Revenue Service Federal Emergency Management Agency
U.S. Air Force Department of Justice
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